Vintage Kimono Restored Tsubame and Wisteria 1912s

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Vintage kimono with Japanese painting motif from the 1912s (Taisho era).

Material: 100% silk
Length: 125 cm /50"
Condition: Good Good: Condition: Good
Model's height: 165 cm/65”

Has been maintained with full washing, cleaning, and dye correction.
There are a few stains that have not been completely removed due to age that are not problematic to wear.
Please enjoy the soft vintage texture.

In the Taisho era (1912-1926), a crepe called "nishikisa crepe" appeared, which had a very small crinkle and felt similar to plain silk. Suitable for vivid colors and detailed pattern expression, it accelerated the pictorial style of the period.

If desired, the length of the garment can be re-stitched and adjusted to a shorter length before shipping. (The length cannot be lengthened).

Avoid using a steam iron and dry clean only. To prevent marks and shine on the fabric, be sure to dry iron the thin cotton fabric over the kimono.