Testimonial from Australia


We received feedback from Australia on SAIKAI's children's kimono series

My name is Yuko, professional Photographer from Sydney, Australia.
I have been running my photography business for over 10 years, photoshooting at my Studio and outdoor locations in Sydney.
My main photography is for whole family groups, usually with children, for both Japanese and international families.
Actually there are many Japanese family living in Sydney, and some families request me to photoshoot children in KIMONO for their Shichi-go-san celebration.
So I have been thinking to start kimono hiring service as well as photography, but to be honest that wasn’t so much a priority for my business.
But one day I saw Ichiha’s kimono on social media, it shocked me!
Their kimono is stunning and looks modern with elegant colour and design, but still in a traditional way.
children kimono.
My imagination was so clear how beautiful my clients would look to wear these in my studio.
Yes, I fell in love with these designs  and I have decided to get them and start kimono hiring service straight away.
There are some kimono supplier in Sydney but I never seen such stylish kimono here, so I thought it would be great if I can offer people to share this original kimono style.

children kimono. ICHIHA
Then finally I have received Ichiha’s kimono from Japan.
We fit it it on my kid's model, and my heart was melted.
The beauty is more than I expected!
Also good thing is It suits any nationality.
I am truly happy with SAIKAI-Ichiha’s kimono and now I would like to acquire more of their collection.
I look forward to photoshooting many children in their kimono.
children kimono. ICHIHA2
IG : yuko_doitgraphics

If you are looking for a kimono shoot in Australia, please visit YUKO's studio!



Thank you YUKO!

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